Jun 22, 2020

Nov 02, 2018 · We here at CactusVPN have got you covered – we offer a high-end VPN service that offers you access to 30+ high-speed servers from around the world that feature unlimited bandwidth and double as proxy servers too. Plus, 10 of our servers offer P2P support as well. Jul 12, 2018 · CactusVPN has got you covered – we’ve got 30+ VPN servers located in 20+ countries around the world, so choosing the best VPN server location for your needs will be very straightforward. We only rent servers from the most reliable and secure data centers, and each one of our servers has unlimited bandwidth. CactusVPN owns a small fleet of twenty VPN-servers, located in nine countries. Most are in the largest markets, like the USA, UK, Canada, the large European countries, Australia, and South-Korea. Please note the use of Bittorrent is only allowed on servers in Holland and CactusVPN’s home turf, Moldova. To use the app, you need a CactusVPN account. To get an account, you can register for a 3-days free trial account on our website or to order a subscription from the app. With CactusVPN you will CactusVPN is a new company that provides private VPN service which only has servers in United States, United Kingdom and Netherlands.

The virtual private network service provided by Cactus VPN is quite affordable and is fast and secured. Once you are connected with this personal virtual private network, you do not have to worry about any hackers, or information breach. Your data is at safe hands.

Countries Cactus VPN provided. CactusVPN offers access to twenty VPN servers located across nine countries. The server locations include four in the United States of America, five different locations in the United Kingdom, four Netherlands locations and one server in France. There is also a server located in Germany, one in Canada, one server Cactus VPN Apr 05, 2019

Use our WebRTC leak protection feature to make sure your IP address is not leaked while using our proxy servers. CactusVPN offers VPN, Smart DNS and proxy services. VPN services help you maintain your privacy and security while using the Internet. VPN hides your true identity and geographical location from anyone interested in such information.

Cons of using Cactus VPN: The number of servers across the globe is really compared to other personal virtual private networks. They have only twenty servers across only four countries. Although they provide you with an option to choose the server located nearest to you, but the speed of the virtual private network doesn’t really depend upon CactusVPN Review by That One Privacy Guy Jul 11, 2016