There is no "Repeater" mode on Atheros units, but you still can use it as repeater, just set the original interface as "client" and get it to connect to your AP, then create a virtual interface (VAP) to broadcast the new SSID. Repeater Setup. Do a hard reset). Under Wireless -> Basic Settings: Wireless mode: Repeater

I also tried different gateways as DHCP option (adress from main router, dd-wrt's adress, adress of virtual interface itself) to no avail. Is it even possible to have DD-WRT act as a DHCP server on a virtual interface when it is in Repeater Bridge mode simultaneously? Thanks for thoughts on this! EDIT: Adress ranges: primary router Jul 19, 2016 · Use a spare router as a DD-WRT Repeater. If you already have an existing router, but plan on getting a new one as well, then as long as your existing one supports DD-WRT, you can use it as a DD-WRT repeater. What this means, is that you can place it in a completely different location to your main router and it will relay the wireless signal. Nov 03, 2014 · Setup a Wireless Repeater Bridge. Some people prefer DD-WRT firmware for its “Repeater Bridge” feature which handles both wired and wireless clients. As of this writing, Tomato firmware does not offer a “repeater” mode. However it does offer a mode called ‘Access Point + WDS’. Apr 22, 2019 · What is DD-WRT Wireless Client Bridge mode. Our goal was to set D-Link DIR 615 E4 to connect to our wireless network so we could connect to it our wired computer for different purposes: Wakeup-On-LAN, Backup to a wireless network card for this particular computer. DD-WRT should support wireless repeating. There should be an option called Repeater Bridge under Wireless > Basic Settings > Wireless Network Mode. You can read more about setting it up at this link. According to the forum, this procedure for restoring stock firmware should work on the WNDR4300 . The instructions are for the WNDR3700 but the OpenWrt as a gateway device Your device also behaves as router. But in contrast to the 'as router device' mode, in this mode your device either uses an integrated modem to connect to the Internet or has an external modem attached on its WAN port that needs one of the following protocols for proper operation: WAN interface protocols.

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Nov 25, 2018 · In the DD-WRT "Repeater Bridge" scenario there is a Primary, Internet connected router that uses a wireless bridge to connect to a Secondary router on the same subnet as the Primary and all devices (hosts) on the Secondary share the same subnet address as those on the Primary..

I'm trying to setup a dd-wrt router (Linksys WRT400N, Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r36079 std (06/01/18)) as a repeater bridge. I'm following this instruction the Qualcomm Atheros section. I have my computer wired to the dd-wrt router I'm trying to config. First I set it to the client bridge mode … OpenWrt Repeater Mode Configuration with Non-OpenWrt AP Dec 26, 2018