Go to the Basic menu and select WAN. If you don't see our DNS ( and then uncheck Obtain DNS Automatically and then add dns servers Primary and Secondary DNS. Go to Static Routes under Advanced; Click on Configuration; Click on Advanced Click on StaticRoute and add the following: Subnet IP: Subnet Mask: 255.255

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In IPv4, the subnet mask is 32 bits and consists of four 8-bit octets. The address: subnet mask means that the subnet is a range of IP addresses from - The prefix-length in IPv6 is the equivalent of the subnet mask in IPv4.

What is a subnet mask? A subnet mask is like an IP address, but for only internal usage within a network. Routers use subnet masks to route data packets to the right place. Subnet masks are not indicated within data packets traversing the Internet — those packets only indicate the destination IP address, which a router will match with a subnet. Apr 12, 2017 · One of the most basic concepts of data networking is how devices connect and communicate within an IPv4 network. To understand this, we must look at the devices' unique IP addresses as well as the associated subnet mask and default gateway.