The executable openvpn.exe has been detected as malware by 40 anti-virus scanners. Accoriding to the detections, it is a variant of Zbot (Zeus), a trojan that attempts to steal confidential information (online credentials, and banking details) from a compromised computer and send it to online criminals via a command-and-control server.

What is ipvanish.openvpn.exe? The .exe extension on a filename indicates an exe cutable file. Executable files may, in some cases, harm your computer. Therefore, please read below to decide for yourself whether the ipvanish.openvpn.exe on your computer is a Trojan that you should remove, or whether it is a file belonging to the Windows operating system or to a trusted application. What openvpn.exe (OpenVPN Daemon) does - File What does the openvpn.exe file do? The openvpn.exe process is also known as OpenVPN Daemon or, as the case may be, pia_manager and is a part of Hotspot Shield or, as the case may be, ExpressVPN. This software is produced by The OpenVPN Project ( or, as the case may be, AnchorFree ( OpenVPN download |

OpenVPN GUI - Download

OpenVPN GUI is a graphical frontend for OpenVPN running on Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8. It creates an icon in the notification area from which you can control OpenVPN to start/stop your VPN tunnels, view the log and do other useful things.

OpenVPN Connect - Should I Remove It?

Jul 13, 2020 Easy_Windows_Guide – OpenVPN Community Aug 14, 2019 #432 (OpenVPN.exe hangs upon reconnecting) – OpenVPN … After upgrading from I002 (old NDIS) to I603 (new NDIS) on Windows 7 SP1 x64, the main exe, running as a server, stops working if I use the "Reconnect" button on the GUI. The exe doesn't answer and the process cannot even be taskill'ed. Resource usage stays slow but the server isn't answering anymore so a restart of the OS is required. OpenVPN GUI - Download Apr 19, 2020