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What is the IPv6 private address range? - Techlanda The IPv6 address space is so huge (2 128) that everyone should be able to get a public IP address for every device they will ever own. So theoretically it shouldn't be necessary to have private IPv6 addresses like the 192.168.x.x and 10.x.x.x addresses in IPv4. address - What are the IPv6 Public and Private and If you want private IPv6 addresses then you should use Unique Local Addresses (ULA). ULA addresses are not routed on the internet and their advantage is that everybody can generate their own /48 block of which 40 bits are randomly generated so that your private addresses are very unlikely to overlap with somebody else's private addresses. Network Basics: Assigning IPv6 Addresses - dummies

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Is there any private/public IP address range in IPv6? So an IPv6 interface will generally have a link-local address, maybe a unique local address plus a global unicast address. I have not seen a book yet which really describes these concepts. IPv6 Essentials and other books that I know so far describe how the protocol is designed and works and also how you can configure different features on

Is it true that the fd00::/8 address range (ULA) in ipv6

IPv6アドレスの種類. IPv6アドレスは、以下の3種類に分類される 。. ユニキャストアドレス - 単一のインターフェースのための識別子。インターネットプロトコルは、ユニキャストアドレスに送られたパケットを、そのアドレスによって識別されるインターフェースに配送する。