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Yao Jiang - Scientist II, Chemistry - PTC Therapeutics The traceless Petasis borono-Mannich reaction of enals, sulfonylhydrazines, and allylboronates catalyzed by chiral biphenols results in an asymmetric reductive transposition of the in situ Petasis reaction Petasis reaction The Petasis reaction is the chemical reaction of an amine , aldehyde , and vinyl - or aryl - boronic acid to form substituted amines. [ cite journal | author = Petasis, N. A.; Akritopoulou, I. | journal = Tetrahedron Lett.

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Snap deconvolution: An informatics approach to high Jul 14, 2017 Site‐Selective Labeling of Native Proteins by a Chemical functionalization of proteins is an indispensable tool. Yet, selective labeling of native proteins has been an arduous task. The limited success of chemical methods allows N‐terminus protein labeling, but the examples with side‐chain residues are rare.

Jul 14, 2017

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